The Review of Marvel City Surabaya

The Review of Marvel City Surabaya
The Review of Marvel City Surabaya
Marvel City Surabaya, the superblock in the heart of Surabaya, contain of The Linden Apartment, Citadines Hotel, Marvell City Mall, and Mawar Sharon Christian School.

The Review of Marvel City Surabaya

Just Another Mall, But With CGV Blitz. It is just another mall, which is still uncompleted when I visited there. There are two major tenants that are worth mentioning. First, it has the first Lotte Mart near the city centre (the other two are in the suburb). And the second, it (also) has the first CGV Blitz theatre, which (sometimes) offers different choice of movies compared to 21Cineplex (whose theaters are available nationwide). by Aditya Cakasana J.

Brand New Mall With Different Movie Theater. It is brand new mall in Surabaya. most of the shop/tenant are not open yet at the time we visit. we visit for the theater. its different franchise from XXI Cineplex which common in Surabaya. it is CGV blitz plex. different style of theater concepts and different technologies indeed. we try sphere screen with silver screen base instead of white in common theater. the result is disappointing, darker image. and also quality of the sound is not too good if we compare with digital dolby stereo at XXI. a lot af café around also like general mall. by JoSan_id

New Mall With Fairly Fresh Concept. I love the Imaxx movie theater here. They have different options such as regular (2D), 3D, 4D, and sphere screen. 

The regular theater needs some additional seating for small kids, because the current fold-able seats are too big for small kids, that if they sit all the way to the back, they'll fall into the fold. I especially love the setting of their movie theater. The mall itself is very new, so, there wasn't lots of stores available yet. They also have Lotte Mart which is located slightly below the mall itself. It's convenient when you just need to go for grocery shopping without having plenty of times to spend wandering around the mall. Overall, it's a nice place to go by your-self, or with your family. by YosaSp

Rookie! Marvell City building is the one of long lost building in town. You can find its hard to go on parking area because its space.
  • Parking : Easy (both car and motor)
  • Location : Easy to find
  • Parking Rate : $$
  • Fav Tenant : CGV Theatre, Fun World, Lotte Mart, Sushi Kiosk, KFC
Marvell City Mall is one area with Midtown Residence Hotel. Same car-park area. by Febri A

The Review of Marvel City Surabaya
The Review of Marvel City Surabaya
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